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Pusa Electric Motorcycle

Easyriderz.UK PUSA 3000W - 5000W Electric Motorcycle

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Easyriderz.UK bring you the all new PUSA Electric City Bike.


The future of travel is here with the PUSA electric city bike with a range of different motor and battery sizes to meet anyone`s needs. This smart Eco friendly motorbike is going to revolutionise the way we travel as we no it today. No more Petrol or Diesel fumes polluting our cities and damaging the atmosphere. Travel around on a all electric Motorcycle Knowing that your doing your bit for the future of the planet while saving yourselves hundreds of pounds per year on fuel and maintenance costs alone.   


5 Year Battery Warranty / 31000Miles
                                                 Depending on whichever comes first.



Motor                  : 12 inch brushless hub motor available in                                          3000W, 4000W and 5000W
Battery               :  
            3000W       80V25Ah NMC Lithium battery (Removable)
            4000W       80V38Ah NMC Lithium battery (Removable)
            5000W       80V38Ah NMC Lithium battery (Fixed)
Controller          :  52A FOC  controller with reverse performance.
TOP Speed        : 28Mph 3000W 
                             44Mph 4000W
                             56Mph 5000W  
Range                : at 19 Mph Cruise speed and 70kg rider, max                                  range 62 Miles
                              3000W 44 Miles per Charge
                              4000W 68 Miles per Charge
                              5000W 78 Miles per Charge
Brake                 :  front disc and rear disc brake plus EABS                                         regenerative brake
The battery supplier is the biggest listed company in China's TOP 3 in field of power battery.... don't need to worry about battery warranty and performance !
 5 Year Battery Warranty / 31000Miles
                                                   Depending on whichever comes first.
This product is available on pre order only and will take 8 - 12 weeks for delivery to the U.K. from the purchase date.